6-Minute Yoga Chill - Yoga With Adriene

- Alright, welcome, my friends. Let's begin with the left hand on the heart, the right hand right down on the belly. Five minute break to chill out, to calm the nervous system, and to find what feels good. Take a deep breath in, maybe close your eyes here,

(inhales) and on your exhale, really relax the shoulders. (exhales) And then choose to give the thinking mind a break here for five minutes as you inhale deeply (inhales)

and use the exhale to relax your shoulders. (exhales) Alright, on this one really breathe into your hands here so fill up with breath, big inhale, (inhales) and exhale, relaxing the shoulders.

(exhales) Awesome, I already feel relaxed. Bring the left hand to the earth, sweep the right fingertips all the way up and over, big side body stretch here. You can find soft easy movement here in the shoulders

if it feels right, checking in with the head, the neck, take a deep breath in (inhales) and then exhale, brings you back to center, right hand comes to the ground and big inhale, just sweep the left fingertips all the way up and over, feeling it out, stretching the side body, and paying attention to the

shoulder, the head, the neck. (exhales) Great, take one more big inhale here and then use your exhale to come all the way back to center. Awesome, let's come to lie flat on our backs here, breathing mindfully, nice conscious breath,

even as you transition here. And right as you come down, make sure that you tuck the chin to the chest just a little bit to find length in the neck, just lots more into the neck and shoulders, and then bend the knees, bring the feet up to the mat,

so you can find a nice support in the lower back. So you might even lift your tail and just snuggle your lower back into the mat. Great then snuggle your shoulder blades underneath your heart space as if you were trying to do a heart opener here, so nice, open chest.

So we have long neck, lower back supported, and nice open chest. Wonderful. Then take your arms out, Texas T, and try to maintain all of these things, open chest, long neck, and lower back flushed with the mat,

as you lift one knee up and then the other. Inhale in, exhale, allow the legs to gently fall to the left and try to keep your right shoulder on the ground here. Big stretch, you can take the left hand to the top of the right thigh, you can also turn to rest

on the right ear, breathing deep. (inhales and exhales) And then slowly bringing it back through center, nice mindful breathing, (inhales) even in the transitions,

find that connect with the lower back again, that openness through the chest, that long, beautiful neck, inhale, exhale, over to the right. Allow the legs to grow heavy here, try to keep your shoulders anchored to the earth, oh yeah.

Right hand comes to the top of the left thigh maybe, and maybe we turn to rest on the left ear. Breathing into the belly. (inhales and exhales) Close your eyes or soften your gaze. (inhales and exhales)

And then slowly unravel, bring it back. Awesome work. Slowly lower the feet to the ground. We're gonna bring the fingertips to interlace behind the tail for a bridge pose, so you'll bring your fingertips to

about where the heels meet and then from there we'll press in the feet, lift the hips up high, here we go. Snuggle the shoulder blades in, interlace the fingertips, and lift the hips up, long, beautiful spine here as you squeeze the inner thighs together

and just imagine length in the spine. Nice and long. So the knees are reaching towards the front edge, the sits bones are reaching towards the backs of the knees, take one more breath here, just look straight up or close your eyes, chest to chin

and chin towards the sky. Wonderful. Release everything and nice and slow articulating through the spine as you come all the way back down. Beautiful. From here we'll walk the feet together,

open the knees wide, Supta Baddha Konasana and you're just gonna rock the head gently side to side, ear to ear, getting a little massage in the back of the neck, the head rather, stretching through the neck. And then take the deepest breath you've taken all day. Nice big inhale in.

(inhales sharply) Then long breath out, relax your shoulders. (exhales sharply) Left hand comes back to the heart, right hand back to the belly, and we rest.

(exhales sharply) (upbeat music)
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